Japan Travel 2018

By Matthew Andres Moreno on August 13, 2018 in Goings-On / 0 Comments

This summer, lab members presented work at a pair of conferences in Japan: GECCO 2018 in Kyoto and ALife 2018 in Tokyo. Conveniently, the scheduling was back to back! We had a great time traveling together in Japan, seeing the sights (wow!) and eating the food (yum!). Here are a few pictures of lab members and friends from our off-duty time… thanks again to everyone for taking the time to share their photos with me!

Learning an Evolvable Genotype-Phenotype Mapping

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Learning an Evolvable Genotype-Phenotype Mapping

This material is cross-posted from my personal blog. You can find the original version here. This paper provides profound insights for GA design, in specific the automatic generation of evolvable genotype-phenotype mappings using ANN autoencoders. It is clearly elucidated, with a firm grasp of the foundational literature in both biological evolution and evolutionary computation. The results are promising and establish a rich line of inquiry for researchers to pursue. — Reviewer #1 Thanks, Reviewer #1. My co-authors (Charles Ofria and Wolfgang Banzhaf) and I are really excited about Learning an Evolvable Genotype-Phenotype Mapping, too! (Almost as excited as we are about traveling to Kyoto this summer to present it at the 2018 GECCO conference.) I hope this blog post will get you on board, too, or at least prompt some good chin-scratching (the academic equivalent of […]

Spring 2018 BEACON Outreach

We wrapped up our last outreach event representing BEACON last weekend. Members of our lab teamed up with other BEACON friends to share clip birds: learning about how form relates to function by foraging for different-sized seeds with different-sized beaks (i.e. different clothespins) hominid skulls: how do the different skull morphologies relate to function and how can we see differences between organisms? geckos: Travis brought live Crested and Leopard geckos to compare and contrast their adaptations… how can we tell that the geckos came from different environments? giant evolutionary timeline: learning about the different animals that lived across evolutionary time. Thanks to these schools for hosting us and all the families that came to visit! We’re looking forward to more outreach in the fall. Until then, here are some shots of the BEACON crew in action […]